POINT | only focuses on high-end electronics

POINT Corporate follows a long-standing commitment to provide devoted service and create value for our partners by providing middle to high-end electronics and electrical components/assembly products. Our vision is geared towards globalization, carrying out professional research into industries and customers’ needs, and providing high efficiency and high value-added services in marketing and customer management. As such, POINT continues to integrate high-end overseas product resources, implement supply chain management and business management of product promotion and to serve global TOP20 industrial customers. In short, POINT is a value-added total solution provider of local and overseas manufacturers in Great China.

We work to integrate different levels of resources, fast and flexible responses to changeable markets, and maximize meet the customers’ diversification and differentiation demands. We provide high-quality cost-effective products, fast and efficient professional B2B one-stop service, in order to enhance the value of services and competitiveness of products to meet our customers’ demands and promote effectively the development with customers and suppliers. This enables us to extensively access a high degree of trust and support from suppliers and customers, and thus become the most valuable and close partner to our suppliers and customers.

POINT devotes all its capabilities to create value for, and develop together with our partners!

We deeply cultivate target market segments, research solutions to industry needs, constantly improve the services, product line and supply chain management that we offer. As such we continue to be an industry expert, product expert, market expert and customer service professionals, establishing a unique advantage through careful market segmentation, and we continue to challenge to be the No.1 segment, and implement win-win cooperation to develop together with suppliers and customers!

All branches and offices of POINT Corporate, including three technical centers, will provide customers with professional, meticulous, fast and accurate service.

◆ The Hongkong strategic & control center, and Shanghai operations center, radiate out to our other branches, offices and distributors.
◆ We also have three technical centers located in: Germany, Taiwan & Beijing.

【POINT value-added services】

The industry and customer service offered by POINT start from the product’s design, and continue up through the product’s entire life cycle.

Through auxiliary upstream strategic partnerships of product planning and positioning, along with the capabilities of professional industry management, product line management, supply chain management and market experience, we can accurately grasp all of the objectives and demands of our customers, to closely assist upstream partners with product positioning and development, and to build a competitive advantage of the product.

From the practical application, we seize the current and future needs, general and individual needs, to implement the matching products and services. According to the general needs of customers in the industry, we work with products and services to integrate different levels of resources, fast and flexible responses to the changeable market, to fully satisfy customers diversified and differentiated demands.

Through the fundamentals of the product purpose, position and design, dedicate industrial experience, application programs and highly cost-effective components and assemblies, as well as allying our technical support closely with the customers’ to upgrade the whole process from product design to manufacturing. By promoting the efficiency of R&D, cost deduction, quality assurance and consistency and by implementing scientific order/logistics/inventory management, we can regulate the balance between supply and demand, and earn a broad level of trust and support from our partners!

Our policy is to devote all our resources and capabilities to create value for our partners!
It is our firm mission to help you to develop, and as such we will continue to explore, accumulate and share our expertise with you!


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