Morality  Powerful  Dedicate ? valuation of POINT

To seek for the physical and mental health and happiness of the people is the purpose of the enterprise’s existence, and also is key to the mission and social responsibility beyond the profits of POINT! POINT career belongs to each staff. To improve and develop the enterprise will lead to the development of staff. Any movement from POINT just has one purpose, which is to sustainably develop POINT business and share the platform that will support more people's dreams and development.

Employees, the first asset to POINT Group

The aim of POINT is: highly consistent with the staff objectives and business goals; highly consistent with the interests of employees and enterprises, the goal of employees to be achieved by the enterprise and the goal of the enterprise to be achieved by employees.Adhering to the values of " Social commitment and self-discipline, devote all its resources and capabilities", to employ a people-oriented, steady, diligent attitude to continue our career, make efforts to enable enterprises to assist in achieving the personal values of employees, increase the knowledge and ability of families, and enjoy the happiness of a united, progressed and developed team, this is the ultimate goal of POINT.

The survival of the fittest

POINT provides a platform and lifelong career for those who can adapt to the development of enterprise, create value for the enterprise, and promote development of the enterprise.
Always maintain a high sense of responsibility, a self-motivated and entrepreneurial heart
With bigger heart, you will have more responsibility! With more dedication, you will have larger career!
Social commitment and self-discipline

Code of conduct

Use honesty, sincerity, harmony and win-win strategies to continuously create value for partners!
Strive for perfection, innovation, the pursuit of excellence and efficiency!


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